Thursday, March 1, 2012

Assassin's Creed III: Down with the Redcoats Edition

The boxart for Assassin's Creed III is out, and there's a few interesting things we can gleam from it:

1. The game takes place during the American Revolution. At first there was some confusion as to whether the game took place during the Civil War or the American Revolution. The fact that the flag in the background is the "Betsy Ross flag" is the first piece of evidence that the game is set during the American Revolution. The American Army later used the Betsy Ross flag in Army artillery units in 1834, and in infantry units in 1842, but the British Army had left by then, so this means that the game takes place between the years of the American Revolution (1763-1783).

2. The game's hero is either fighting for the colonies or for a third party (Native Americans). The reason for this is that he is seen attacking a Redcoat in the cover. Redcoat is, of course, the historical term used to describe the British Army.

3. The hero's attire suggests Native American influence. This could mean that he is either an assassin for the Native Americans working against both colonials and redcoats, or that, although working for the colonials, he has some native lineage or influence.

I don't really know how I feel yet about the game's setting. I always thought this franchise lent itself best for an entry or two as a ninja in feudal Japan, and I honestly thought Ubisoft would go that route next, if only because it would be a welcome departure from the first 4 entries.This setting makes me feel as though the changes in both gameplay and graphics/assets will be minimal, and that is not the feeling I wanted to have after the Altair/Ezio saga. In any case, this is a day 1 purchase for me, if only to continue what I started, but I can't help but feel just like I did when I used to watch "LOST"; as in, I had already invested so much time on it, I just HAD to finish it. Oh well . . . 

If you have any theories or any additional information, or if you just want to give your opinion, please comment below.


  1. Very good Vittin, this game is awesome I just got the first one tha azair but I
    This one looks interesting too cuando Salgado del boot camp me lo compro. Saludos!!! Jose m

    1. Hey Jose what's up? Yeah, the whole series is great, I recommend you get them all. They're pretty cheap now used or even new. Saludos y dale follow a mi blog para que estes al dia.

  2. I, for one, am very excited for AC3 given these news. Ever since SC2 (before Brotherhood or Revelations) I was hopeful that the series would shift to either the American Revolution or the American Civil War.

    I've read some concerns online about the "sparseness" of sprawling cities during that era, but there's still plenty of locales that can be considered. There's New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and based on the hint that the character is potentially native American, there's the large unexplored wilderness. And who knows, the main character may end up "crossing the pond" and ending up in key cities during the Revolution years, like London and Paris.

    As for the Feudal Japan setting, a lot of people thought that would happen ever since the introduction of the character Shao Jun in the "Revelations" novelization and the "Embers" short. However, the series has been so far moving forward in time, and always in the lineage of the main character, Desmond Miles. There's a gap between Altair and Giovanni (Ezio's father), but I don't think they can tie in a descendant from Japan, or one who explored the area during that era. Perhaps it will come to pass on a spin-off game (starring the aforementioned Shao Jun).

  3. FalseIntegral,

    You make some good points, especially about the possibility of traveling to England. I would love that.

    As for "sparseness", I am one of those worried about it a bit. If you played Red Dead Redemption you know how big and sparse the land was. It is not exactly the same time period, but close enough to remind me of it. I hope ACIII is more mission-based and less sandbox than previous AC entries, but I'm looking forward to it regardless.

    As for Shao Jun, I've never liked playing as females for some reason, although her backstory is pretty interesting. I love the spinoff idea, however. Maybe there is hope for a kickass Ninja after all someday. One can only dream.

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    1. Because this will be taking place in the established Eastern colonies, the towns involved will not be nearly as sparse as Red Dead, which took place in the largely unsettled southwest and Mexico.

      Not as large as the cities from previous games, but large enough to not shift the entire dynamic of the series.

    2. Yes, if it stays in the established colonies, or even moves to England, etc, the formula might not have to be tweaked that much. My only worry is if the character has too much of a Native American influence and spends a considerable part of the game in Native American land, which would be very similar to Red Dead Redemption.

  4. PS. If the series is always moving forward in time, then there is still hope for an 1868 Meiji Restoration/ Commodore Perry's Black Ships/ Rurouni Kenshin type assassin for ACIV . . . Nerdgasm achieved . . .